Helping your patient to get a St John Medical Alarm.

St John Medical Alarms are preferred by New Zealand GPs
Research shows St John is New Zealand's leading medical alarm provider and is the medical alarm recommended most often by GPs.*  Also, 9 out of 10 customers are likely to recommend a St John Medical Alarm to family and friends.**

We are committed to continue working with Primary Care to provide better patient outcomes.

With more certainty around timely access to help in any emergency, St John Medical Alarms can offer older patients, and those with a physical disability or health condition the confidence they need to maintain their independence.

We understand the important role GPs play in helping patients to get a medical alarm, especially if they are seeking Government funding




We’ve made it easy for you with e-referrals

The most effecient way for you to refer patients for a St John Medical Alarm is by using the self populating Electronic Referral Form (E-form). This has been developed with Healthlink and will streamline the referral process and disability allowance application for both you and your patients. 

If you haven't used the e-form before or would like a refresher contact your local St John Healthcare Representative.

 A St John Healthcare Representative is always ready to help

If you ever have a question about our medical alarms or anything else to do with St John, contact a St John Healthcare Representative and request a visit.  Phone 0800 50 23 23 or
Request a visit online>>

*IMS GP Omnibus survey, 2017
**Kantar TNS, Jan-Mar 2017

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