Why should I choose a St John Medical Alarm over other providers?
  • St John is New Zealand’s leading medical alarm supplier and is the medical alarm doctors prefer to recommend. 5
  • A St John Medical Alarm is the only medical alarm monitored directly by St John meaning when your alarm is activated, the call comes straight to St John.
  • If you need assistance, St John organises the most appropriate help. This could be an ambulance, paramedic, another emergency service or expert advice.
  • You will receive free emergency medical ambulance attendance or transport if required.
  • 9 out of 10 customers are likely to recommend a St John Medical Alarm to family and friends. 1
  • By choosing a St John Medical Alarm you are also helping to support St John ambulance services and other essential community services.

1Kantar TNS, April - June 2018

5IMS GP Omnibus survey, 2017

What is a medical alarm? How does a St John Medical Alarm work?

A St John Medical Alarm is the only emergency calling device that is monitored directly by St John.   It consists of a base unit that either connects to your home phone line or to the cellular (mobile) network, and a small pendant that you wear.

  • In an emergency, push the button on your pendant or base unit
  • We will call you backand talk to you through the alarm speaker to check if you are okay
  • If there is no answer, we will organise for an ambulance to be sent
  • If you do answer, we’ll check you’re ok and organise the most appropriate help for your situation.  This could include an ambulance, a paramedic in an alternative vehicle, another emergency service or expert advice.  This is what we call the 111 Clinical Hub.  Where appropriate, we may also notify your preferred carer or a family member. 


What happens in an emergency?

In an emergency push the button on your pendant or base unit.  We will call you back and talk to you through the alarm speaker to check if you are okay.  If there is no answer, we will organise for an ambulance to be sent. 

How much does a St John Medical Alarm cost? Can we buy the alarm?

You cannot purchase a St John Medical Alarm as they are rented out.  Some people qualify for medical alarm funding from Work and Income under the Disability Allowance. You can discuss the options with a St John representative or contact Work and Income for more information about your situation. 

What is the free trial period all about?

A free trial period is offered whereby you can experience the benefits of a St John Medical Alarm before committing to the rental agreement.

During the free trial period the client receives the full entitlement of a paying client including free emergency ambulance services if needed.

If the client cancels this agreement during the free trial period, St John will remove the alarm unit, transmitter and all peripherals at no cost and no amount will be payable to St John as a result of the cancellation.

The free trial terms and conditions can be found here.

Will my alarm still work if I go to the shops / outside of my house?

All our standard pendants will provide coverage of 200-300 metres therefore covering you around the home and garden, including smaller lifestyle blocks.  For larger lifestyle blocks please give us a call to discuss your options.   If you are going away on holiday for a period of time please contact us and we will notify this on our records.

How do I know if my alarm is working?

St John Medical Alarms are designed to self check for correct operation. If there is a problem the alarm will alert you to this and it will automatically notify St John.  If your alarm is alerting you to a problem or if you have any concerns that your alarm is not working, please call the medical alarm team on 0800 50 23 23.

Does the medical alarm cover emergency ambulance services if I am away from my home?

Yes all emergency ambulance service charges in New Zealand are covered by the medical alarm even if you require an ambulance away from your home.

I’m a GP – how can I find out more about a St John Medical Alarm and how do I refer my patients?

You can contact your local St John Healthcare Representative who can discuss the benefits of a St John medical alarm and also the most efficient way for you to refer your patients.  More information can also be found here. If you are unsure who your local representative is please contact us on 0800 50 23 23.


What happens at a rep visit?

As a St John Medical Alarm customer a representative will visit you and also offer the opportunity to check your home to identify any fall hazards, using a Home Safety Checklist developed by ACC. They will also provide recommendations to help make your home a safer environment against falls.

How do I cancel if I no longer require or want the alarm?

Contact the medical alarm team on 0800 50 23 23 and we will talk you through the process.