St John and Samsung Electronics New Zealand have entered into a partnership arrangement, under which the two organisations will seek to collaborate on technology solutions to improve operations in ambulances and clinical contact centers.

Managing Director of Samsung New Zealand, Kenny Yeon, said the two companies had a mutual vision of improving lives through technology.

“St John has an innovative strategy for integrating technology into their services. Giving access to our market-leading technologies will help enable St John to bring these plans to fruition. As leaders in our respective fields, we can have a definite impact on emergency health for New Zealanders.”

Initially, the partnership will center on St John’s needs in the technology space, with Samsung’s hardware and solutions expertise being implemented to improve services, productivity and connectivity. 

One of the first projects will include the roll-out of Samsung tablets into ambulances, as part of a new electronic system designed to replace handwritten clinical notes.  Using the smart devices, paramedics can forward patient information electronically to an emergency department, specialist or GP – all while on the road.

Samsung technology will also be deployed at the St John managed Clinical Control Centres in Auckland and Christchurch. Curved monitors, designed to mimic the natural curvature of the eye, will offer an immersive and more comfortable workstation environment for the 130 St John staff answering 111 calls and dispatching ambulance resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Samsung will also look to support the St John’s Emergency Responder Programmes for Schools, empowering, educating and giving young people the confidence to care for themselves in their community.

St John Chief Executive, Peter Bradley, said the partnership with Samsung is a positive part in the advancement of the organisations services.

“Technology has a significant role to play in enhancing patient care and the working lives of our staff and volunteers. Working with Samsung’s technology experts and having access to their new product solutions means a positive and strong partnership that will  benefit New Zealand communities.”

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