Payroll giving enables you to donate to St John through your workplace payroll. It’s a simple and easy way to help us with our vital fundraising, plus you’ll receive an immediate 33% tax rebate. For example, if you donate $15 to St John through payroll giving, your take-home pay will reduce by only $10.

Why choose St John as your charity

The generosity of people like you allows us to provide essential health and community services to every corner of the country. With the consistent income we get through payroll giving, we can continue to provide:

  • St John Ambulance Service, which operates 24/7 and helps around 400,000 New Zealanders every year
  • St John Youth programmes, to teach young people first aid, health care and leadership skills in a practical and fun way
  • Health shuttles, to help people with health or mobility problems get to their health appointments
  • Caring Caller, to provide a friendship service to those in need
  • Friends of the Emergency Department, to give comfort to patients in hospital

How to make it happen in your workplace
If your workplace isn’t signed up for payroll giving yet, you can get the ball rolling by referring your employer to our information for employers page >>

Sign up to donate from your pay
If your employer is already registered for payroll giving, we have a brochure for you that includes a sign-up form and full information.
Download the brochure and form now >>

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