The mission of Ngā Tohu Whakaora e 3 (3 Steps for Life) is to empower members of the community to step forward when help is needed and increase out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rates in your local community.

St John paramedic with members of marae and an AED

Roughly 2,000 New Zealanders suffer a Cardiac Arrest each year in our communities, with a total of 11% surviving – that’s 1 in 10 people. Our 3 Steps for Life team plan to increase those chances of survival in your community!

Delivered by Volunteer Community Educators, our programme is a free one-hour awareness session that is delivered to groups of 10 or more and is designed to give New Zealanders the confidence and knowledge around basic CPR and AED training. Our programme gives participants the skills to take action when responding to someone in Cardiac Arrest by;


3 Steps for Life sessions are aimed at community groups such as sporting clubs, religious groups, retirement villages, maraes and high skills – and that’s just to name a few. Hato Hone St John aims to deliver our programme to at least 10,000 people local community members each year.

Participants do not gain certification or NZQA Accreditation after sessions, but we encourage people to become a GoodSAM Responder.

If you’re interested in running a programme for your local community/group and/or high school, please reach out to our team by emailing with the following information;

  • Name & Contact Number
  • Community Group Name/High School
  • Number of estimated participants
  • Location (i.e Hawke’s Bay, West Auckland)

Image of participants from a 3 steps for life session