Term of free trial period: The client is entitled to a free trial period with their St John Home Medical Alarm service.

To qualify for the St John Home Medical Alarm standard trial period of up to one month:

  • the client must make the appointment to install their St John Home Medical Alarm after the 30th of November 2019
  • or the client must not have their St John Home Medical Alarm installed in the month of November 2019 (1 November to 30 November)
  • or the client qualifies for Government funding

The free trial period is determined as follows:

For clients who do not qualify for government funding: the first payment is due one or three months from date of installation of their St John medical alarm. The length of the free trial period (one or three months) will be determined by the qualifying conditions outlined above.

For Government funded clients: payment commences on the first government payment date closest to and before the end of the first month's service. For example:

St John installs a medical alarm for Mrs Jones on Wednesday 7th of November. Mrs Jones qualifies for Government funding. The Government funding payments fall fortnightly on Monday the 12th of November, 26th of November, 9th of December and so on.

The first payment date for Mrs Jones will be Monday 26th of November because the next government payment date, Monday 9th of December, is outside the one month period. The free trial period will therefore be 19 days in this case.

Service extent during free trial period: For the duration of the free trial period, the client receives the full entitlement of a paying client including provision of emergency ambulance services at no cost if needed.

If client cancels during free trial period: If the client cancels their St John Medical Alarm during the free trial period, St John will remove the alarm unit, transmitter and other peripherals (if any) at no cost to the client, and no amount will be payable to St John on account of the cancellation.

Basis of continuation of service after free trial period: On continuation of service beyond the free trial period, the client acknowledges that St John will commence charging for the service. St John's standard payment terms are "in advance".

Exclusions to the free trial period: The free trial period is available to persons residing in New Zealand only. The purpose of the trial is to allow people to try a St John Medical Alarm before committing to pay for the service.  There is a limit of one free trial period per person. The free trial period does not apply to short term contracts where clients require an alarm for less than three months - call 0800 50 23 23 for more information on short term contracts.

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